Examination Committee

Examination committee is formed at the beginning of every academic year. The Chairman of examination committee looks on all the matters related to proper and timely conduct of the exams and also carrying out the transparent evaluation process. The committee has to ensure that for each exam/internal test to be conducted should adhere to all the following rules.

Date time and syllabus for the exam/test should be announced 15 days prior to the conduct of exam

The question paper pattern and syllabus for IA has to be shared with students to make sure that they are given optimal time for preparation.

The concerned faculty is asked to submit 2 sets of question papers to the committee and the committee also internally ensures proper distribution of the questions and selects 1 out of 2 sets and finalizes it for the IA.

Once the examinations are conducted, the answer scripts of students are evaluated by faculty members. During evaluation process teachers maintain impartiality and fairness. They ensure that they mark each student equally and maintain a code of sincerity and justice. The results are duly intimated to the students within 7 to 10 days after completion of the examination.


1 Sri. R. L. Kataraki Chairman
2 Smt. R. I. Soudagar Member
3 Smt. V. V. Wali Member
4 Sri. P. S. Channappagol Member
5 Sri. V. R. Paraddi Member
6 Sri. Kartik Desai Member
7 Sri. Prashantha Kamane Member
8 Miss. Rukmini Shirabur Member
9 Sri. Gurumurtayya Puranik Member
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